Check AnyTime

  • Input data suddenly
  • Easily be copied from the input history
  • You can set the cutoff date
  • Account, edit category
  • History, category view graph
  • Fuel management, such as gasoline, add a new item
  • Management of payments that occur regularly
  • We are used to manage the payment on the iOS calendar set from the holiday calendar
  • Register locations
  • Document management through (c) iTunes(c), or iCloud(c)
  • Passcode feature

Input Data

    • Confirm date
    • Drag category icon on number button area you want
    • Confirm account
    • Input number
    • Set title in detail button
    • Done.
  • Default account is cash.You can add account like banking account for distinguish data.
  • Copy data from past data for new transaction from watch icon button.
  • You can change currency of each accounts optionally.


  • Display today transactions and select date from calendar for change date or buttons.


  • Display Daily, Monthly, Yearly Stats with Graph


  • Measure efficiency of articles
  • Measure ratio with log value with various unit or elapsed days.
  • Display price, efficiency and cost per log unit graph

Manage Recursive Payment

  • You can manage recursive payments information
  • Auto generate data based on the payment setting
  • Select your holiday calendar of iOS device.
    Need calendar setting on your iOS device for auto create transactions.
    Download iCal Holiday Calendar from Here and setup from the App.
  • Change setting, update all created data and if delete setting, data was removed.
  • If your setting period ended, you can hide the setting for do not care.


  • Regist Location
  • Share documents with iTunes
  • Export data as CSV file via Mail or iTunes
  • Synchronize data with iCloud(c) and share data with various your iOS devices.


  • iOS(c) 5.1 later

Version History

  • Version 1.3.0 [17 May 2013] add iPad interface as universal app.
    add search history ui.
    add feature edit image.

    improve list of history image.
    Bug fixes that can margins in the photo.
  • Version 1.2.0 [1 May 2013]
    Of debit configured account
    Set the settlement date of history.
    Has been changed to be aggregated based on the settlement date.

    Improved stability of image registration.
    Fixed the behavior of the memory shortage.
  • Version 1.1.0 [18 Apr 2013]
    *Add Feature
    Option of filter amount 0 in category stats.
    Register Log Images.
    Modify category graph design.
    Add reset button for delete all cloud data.
    added language resources. *Modify
    Improved stability and file synchronization performance.
    change image synchronize file format for large file.
    date relational for aggregate.
  • Version 1.0.2 [28 Mar 2013]
    Add Language Resources.
    Bug Fix.

  • Initial Release.

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